Saturday, 21 December 2013

CDrama: Deja Vu

Title: 回到愛以前 / Hui Dao Ai Yi Qian
Other title: Déjà Vu
Genre: Romance, fantasy
Broadcast network: CTV
Broadcast period: 2013-Nov-03
Air time: Sunday 22:00
Opening theme song: Mei Li (美麗) by Wang Da Wen (王大文)
Ending theme song: Feng Shou Hou Bu Yao Zhuo Peng You (分手後不要做朋友) by Rachel Liang

Xu Hai Lin (Wei Man) is a beautiful and talented ballerina, preparing to marry the love of her life while pregnant with his child. However, Hai Lin's fairy tale is cut short when a tragic car accident takes the life of her husband-to-be and unborn child. While on the brink of suicide, a mysterious man offers to give Hai Lin a second chance by allowing her to turn back time -- with a catch: He will take what's most dear to her. Blast into the past, Hai Lin meets Lu Xi Wei (Yao Yuan Hao) once again, but this time he doesn't feel the same way about her. Will Hai Lin's persistence alone be enough to get back the life she lost?


 Episode 01:  Webrip [480p]  || Webrip [360p]

 Episode 02:  Webrip [480p]  || Webrip [360p]

 Episode 03:  Webrip [480p]  || Webrip [360p]

 Episode 04:  Webrip [480p]  || Webrip [360p]

 Episode 05:  Webrip [480p]  || Webrip [360p]  

Episode 06:  Webrip [480p]  || Webrip [360p]  

Episode 07:  Webrip [480p]  || Webrip [360p]  

Episode 08:  Webrip [480p]  || Webrip [360p]  
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